Saturday, November 22

MSU in playa fall 2008

Don Plutarco had a stoke over 5 years ago and received speech therapy and information that his darling wife of 50 years will be able to use in his communication frustration!
Alexia just back from Michigan with her mom and dad and grandma, the all received more information in regards to alexias communication issues.

Students from MSU in front of the clinic

Our closing dinner with Dr. Lapine, Dr. Arlene Sierra the head of community development for the city of playa del carmen.

Dr. Gaby Alaya with Alexia in the angelnotion clinic

ABI a new patient from the community of the angelnotion clinic, we were able to make a huge difference with abis mom in learning new ways to communicate with her son now 16 years old.

Alexia and Jose with their speech therapist and translator

The students with our Driver OSCAR who made life alot easier for all ... thank you Oscar .. muchas gracias!

Dr.Peter Lapine and his speech and language students arrived the first of November stayed 7 days working with 8 children and their parents , which they had been working with each of these children via telemedicine with the Angelnotion clinic. This gave them a chance to work directly with the children and family ultimatly improving their speech abilities and understanding in some cases other forms of communications. The students donated a Wii in which we will continue to use in the clinic for speech therapy and other physical therapies!
Thanks again Peter Lapine for making a huge difference in our community

All of the students from MSU in front of the clinic!

Friday, October 24

Moises from Pamul mexicos last surgery

Moises waiting for his surgery

Video of the kids storie during their surgeries in Michigan

mission close to completion

Alexia experiencing difficutly, her surgery was very challenging as per Dr. Rick Smith. Alexia actually aspirated and began to have breathing complications she was rushed off to SPARROW Childrens hospital intensive care center and is now ... is in excellent hands her health is improving her breathing tube will be removed tomorow saturday! Pray for alexias fast recovery.

Hanna(our Michigan Angel) with Alexia before surgery...

Hanna below with Jose angel before surgery... an amazing park experience. Jose hasnt actually ever been in a swing like this.

Jose Angel before surgery tired and hungry...

Our Michigan Angels have prepared amazing dinners for all five of us every evening that we have been here. Steve Wickens has donated our rooms at the beautiful Courtyard Marriot in Lacing Michigan...

Lauren Lapine She and Hanna have created this mission for these childremn thanks girls you have changed a life with a lot of love!
Thanks to Dr. Peter Lapine and his Wife Deb Lapine and all the wonderful people who have participated in this mission!

Thursday, October 23

surgeries in Michigan

Today was a day with some problems, although by the time the dinner was served at Applebees, it was the end of a very good day. At 4:20 a.m. Alexia was having trouble breathing, so the doctors decided she needed to have a breathing tube put in place. Once that was done she was transferred by ambulance to Sparrow Hospital's Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. By the afternoon, her lungs were clear, her heart strong and we were all relieved that she was doing so much better. Alexia's mother, Marciela, says that Alexia is "deaf," but accurate records of her previous hearing tests are not complte. We are hoping that Alexia is discharged soon. Dr. Jill Elfenbein from MSU has agreed to do a complete hearing evaluation so the true meaure of her hearing can be obtained. The good news, as can be seen in our pictures, is that Jose has been discharged from Ingham Regional Medical Center. We are happy to report that he is "just fine." He is lively, active and busy. Moisies had his post-op visit with Dr. Rick Smith today, too. He can begin to remove the bandages. Dr. Gabe is very helpful to each of the patients.Thursday Lavonna and Dr. Gabe will be at MSU to visit a graduate class, and to participate in some planning meetings for reserach that is being done by MSU faculty in the Nicte Ha clinic. Of course, everyone will go to the PICU at Sparrow to visit Alexia!
We arrived at Dr. Rick Smith's office this morning at 7:30 a.m. He and his staff were ready to go! The day will be filled with excitement and emotion. We will leave for Ingham Regional Medical Center at 10:30 to begin the preparation for the surgeries Alexia's procedure will be at 1:00 p.m. and Jose's at 2:30 p.m.
Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It's Official! The Dates are set for the surgeries
We have worked with Cheryl in Dr. Rick J. Smith's office to finalize the details for scheduling the dates of the surgeries. As of today, Dr. Smith will do the surgeries on Jose and Alexia's hard palates at Ingham Regional Medical Center (IRMC). IRMC has agreed to waive the fees associated with the surgeries. The travel arrangements are being finalized now so we anticipate that the group from Mexico will arrive on Saturday, October 18th. Both children will see Dr. Smith for pre-operative visits on Monday morning and the surgeries will be performed on Monday afternoon. That will allow for a full week of healing before they return to Mexico on October 28th.A very special thank you is extended to Mr. Steve Wickens, father of Victoria and Gabrielle. Mr. Wickens is providing the lodging for the everyone from Mexico, so the lodging is provided for Jose and Alexia and their mothers, and their translator and the President of Angel Notion Lavonna Redman, and Dr. Gabrielle Ayala Velazquez, the medical director for Angel Notion. We're excited to watch the next week as it develops!

Friday, October 10

Open heart surgeries for Giovanni and Adrian

We traveled to Monterrey this time Giovanni and Adrian came with their mothers and me Alejandra, this picture is from the first day in the hospital they were playing all day long, waiting for their surgeries.

We hope that their surgeries are going to be great.

Sunday, September 21

Saturday, September 20

diabetes club

Our club for diabetes is every Friday where we check each pacients sugar levels and compare them with the previous week, we have talks about nutrician and excersize encouranging those with diabetes to change what they are doing so that we dont have to see them with amputations, blindness, kidney disease and other medical problems that can be prevented. Our club serves between 20 and 60 people who need more education in preventing their diganosis of diabetes!

Kids who will have heart surgery in cancun in March 2009

2 more kids go for open heart surgery Oct 8 2008

Geovany and Adriane will go for his life saving open heart surgery in Monterrey Mexico for their long awaited Surgery.

2 Angels received their open heart surgeries with a new team of Cardiologist

Angel 1 and Angel 2 traveled with thier mothers to Monterrey Mexico to receive their open heart surgery, all went well and we have seen great changes in the children and their eating and growth issues. Thanks to all their supporters their lives were literally saved!

Lauren Lapine 1st medical mission end of October 2008

Lauren Lapine of E.Lancing Michigan in the angelnotion clinic

Lauren Lapine: The daughter of Dr.Peter Lapine(my hero!) has found one of her passions, she was involved in MSUs 2008 mission with Angelnotion and has chosen 3 children to help with plastic surgery. The surgeries have been scheduled for the end of October 2008. Lauren has involved her High school, her community of E. Lansing Michigan, her father Dr. Peter Lapine, Dr. Rick smith,plastic surgeon, a Senator, The sheraton hotel and many other in her community to support her in the success of this mission.

Alexia age 3 with cleft lip palet, she is what they think complety deaf and is a very smart little girl as she uses sign language to communicate her needs and feelings, her parents a totally involved with her growth and medical care.

Moises above before 1st surgery
Moises 1 year after his surgery
Moises will receive his last reconstruction surgery sponsored by Lauren Lapine.

Jose Angel age 3 will receive a cleft palet surgery and reconstruction on his lip. He is a child of the Nic te ha were the angelnotion clinic is located.

Our friends from Holland arrived with gifts

Our friends from Holland have arrived for the second year in a row, with adorable baby clothes, school supplies and toys for our kids in the clinic. We are so greatful for our donors who travel long distances to give to our community!

Angelnotions club for women expecting babies

Every Tuesday and Thursday we attend to 5 young ladies who are expecting their first child. Our program includes medical attention to assure healthy babies, group talks about birthing techniques, special attention for each expected mother. Each expecting mother receives a celebration of a baby shower in the clinc before they give birth. We have two new healthy babies from the results of this new program. The comments we are getting is that in the other centers is the doctors arent giving them the attention that they need or desire. One of the expecting mothers even said , her doctor hasnt ever looked her in the eye.. ever. In our clinic we feel its important to show love and good attention that they deserve and the results will be proven in the child that they bare.